Janu Montenegro


Born from Aman’s core philosophies and total focus on the guest, Janu delivers soulful balance from head to heart.

No compromise, only connection.

Over three decades, Aman has grown from the shores of Phuket to the mountains of Bhutan, and will soon count New York’s avenues among its many homes. Embodying all that pioneering spirit and more, Aman is thrilled to announce the launch of a sister brand – Janu. The new hotel concept takes its name from the Sanskrit for soul, and shares Aman’s deepest roots: uncompromising commitment to place and present. Crafting a complementary path, Janu balances traditional philosophies with leading lights; ancient wellness with contemporary community; holding both sides of self in happy, healthy duality. Curating connections between groups of visitors and beyond, Janu embodies Aman’s vision of empowerment and equilibrium. Wellness through fellowship, suffusing body and mind.