As of 11th of August 2015 Pontwelly Holding Company Ltd (Pontwelly), which was previously the largest lender to Aman, has taken full ownership of the Aman hotel business (Silverlink Resorts Ltd).

Following this restructuring the current Chairman of Aman, Mr Vladislav Doronin and Board Director, Mr Alan Djanogly, remain as the only two directors.

Olivier Jolivet, CEO of Aman said, “This is very positive news for Aman and will add much needed boardroom stability. This together with Vladislav’s vision will help take the business forward.”

Vladislav Doronin, Chairman of Aman said, “I am delighted by this re-structuring. The streamlined management and access to further investment this gives will allow us to capitalise on all and every opportunity ensuring Aman remains as the world’s leading luxury hotel brand.”

Owners and staff at Aman have been informed that whilst this is corporate restructure, from a day to day business prospective it remains very much a case of ‘business as usual’ for the luxury hotel Group.

Mr Doronin will continue to pursue his legal claims against Mr Amanat separately. Mr Amanat has no further involvement with Aman.