Aman Fine Fragrance Collection


Aman has launched its Fine Fragrance Collection. A global pioneer in the creation of peaceful sanctuaries offering transformative experiences, Aman has always revelled in the beauty and healing embrace of its breath-taking locations and the stimulation of its cultural settings.

Influenced by these surroundings – from desert to jungle, island to city – Aman has created Fine Fragrance. This range of seven sophisticated and gender-neutral scents has been carefully crafted to evoke emotion through one of the most powerful senses.

The inaugural Aman Fine Fragrance collection is home to seven 50ml eau de parfums which provide a sensory journey to awaken Aman memories. Created by master perfumer Jacques Chabert, the collection was designed not only to evoke emotion through their ability to transport but provide an engaging pathway to welcome new individuals to the Aman brand.


Inspired by Amanpuri, Thailand, VAYU is a reminder of sun-warmed skin and the freshness of summer. Crashing waves, sweetened blossom and the drifting succulence of citrus. Referring to the ancient Sanskrit word for ‘wind’, VAYU is inspired by a sense of escape, and the fragrant frangipani and tuberose, and pristine white sands of Amanpuri.


Inspired by Amanjiwo, Indonesia, AYOM is deep, dramatic and complex. A fragrance inspired by rarity and the unknown. A hidden energy. Rising above the floral depths of the jungle. Derived from the Indonesian meaning of ‘sheltered’, AYOM defines a memory of warmth and intimacy in a far-off place.


Inspired by Aman Venice Italy, UMBR is a rich and layered fragrance, combining the depth of oak and leather with precious moments of spice. Inspired by the grand 16th century Palazzo of Aman Venice.


Inspired by Amanjena, Morocco, ZUAC sees warm ochre combine with drifting spice. A fragrance inspired by the colours of the Red City and its ancient Medina. Derived from a Berber word used to describe ‘a mixture of colours’, ZUAC is rooted in the Moorish architecture of Marrakech and its surrounding warm desert landscapes.


Inspired by Aman New York (Opening 2021), USA. Moved by mountains. Guided by the strength of the summit. A bold city scent to empower and protect. ALTA, meaning ‘high’ in Latin is inspired by the rich architectural history of New York and its imposing cityscape.


Inspired by Aman Tokyo, HARU‘s contemporary notes capture the city in full bloom, when the breeze is soft and the blossoms appear in full colour. Named after the Japanese word for ‘spring’, delicate floral layers mingle with soft apricot and green-tea accents in the smoothest musks. Warmed by the tobacco tonalities of mate leaves, the scent further reflects a sense of harmony and tradition found in the city, echoing sentiments found at Amanemu and Aman Kyoto also.


Inspired by Amangiri, USA, SEI captures one of the earth’s most alluring settings with a uniquely intense aroma profile. Evoking the feeling of nightfall in a silent desert, notes of pine needle and juniper rise through a haze of dry sage and lavender to reveal smouldering cedar and ciste labdanum. Both earthy and woody, SEI is rooted in the wilderness and daily rhythms of the Utah desert that has defined this ancient region for millennia.