Welcome to Janu, the sister brand of Aman – a new hotel brand which will deliver harmony through the dynamic balance of opposites. While Aman is synonymous with its Sanskrit translation, ‘peace’, Janu stands for ‘soul’; Aman is a sanctuary, whereas Janu is connectedness; Aman offers refined respite, whereas Janu offers an energetic vibe for those seeking greater purpose with inner contentment.

Janu shares its DNA with its legendary elder sister in the form of total commitment to its guests, deep roots in destination, exemplary and timeless design, and unruffled service. Alongside that pedigree heritage, however, Janu strikes out on a complementary path where genuine human interaction, playful expression and social wellness are at the core of the experience. Janu will create environments that nurture purposeful connection to bring balance to the head and heart and rekindle the soul.

Finding balance in the frenetic pace of modern life is a challenge faced by us all. That constant striving to chase time, the juggle of daily chores and the quest for optimum health in mind and body mean that the art of relaxation has been neglected. Offering balance, Janu is founded on the belief that true luxury means never having to choose between personal fulfilment and pleasure. Night and day. Work and play. Yin and yang – there is duality in all of life, and nowhere is this better expressed than through the philosophy of Janu, where the aim is to rekindle the soul by delivering harmony through the dynamic balance of opposites.

As more travellers seek the company of like-minded souls, a sense of purpose and a true feeling of locality as they discover the world, Janu answers the call for a contemporary approach to journeying with a conscious mind. Add creative inspiration, genuine connections and conviviality and the perfect balance is found. Janu provides its guests with the very best, in abundance. Its aim: to nourish the self and restore the spirit beyond all expectations.

Janu launches with three forthcoming hotels which are already under construction: Tokyo (2023), AlUla in Saudi Arabia and Montenegro, as well as a robust pipeline of future hotels.