Aman New York
Aman New York

Aman Resorts, beloved by celebs from Bill Gates to the Kardashians and known for its off-the-beaten-path locations, is opening a luxury hotel in NYC. Here’s what guests can expect

By Katie Warren

Aman Resorts will open a luxury hotel and private residences in Manhattan’s historic Crown Building on Fifth Avenue

Aman Resorts, the global luxury resort chain known for its wellness offerings, is opening a hotel with 85 rooms and 22 private branded residences in New York City in late 2020.

Aman currently has only two locations in the US: Amangani in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and Amangiri in Utah. Now, it’s expanding to major cities with its New York City location opening in 2020 and its recently announced Miami Beach location, set to open in 2023.

Worldwide, Aman Resorts has more than 30 locations in places like Japan, Morocco, Bhutan, Turkey, India, China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. The brand is beloved by celebrities; Bill GatesDavid Bowie, Mark Zuckerberg, Princess Diana, and the Kardashians have all reportedly stayed at Aman resorts. Aman is known for its wellness amenities, with most of its resorts including extensive spa facilities and some offering immersive wellness retreats.

But Aman New York seems poised to take the brand’s reputation for luxury to the next level.

Aman New York will be the first US location to offer private branded residences and an exclusive members-only club

Aman New York, which will comprise a luxury hotel with 83 rooms and suites and 22 Aman-branded private residences, will open in Manhattan’s historic Crown Building, two blocks from Central Park and across the street from Tiffany & Co.’s flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Each hotel room will be a minimum of 754 square feet and come with a working fireplace, according to the brand.

While Aman declined to confirm any information on sales or pricing of the private residences to Business Insider (the residences are not publicly listed), Aman CEO and owner Vladislav Doronin confirmed to the Wall Street Journal earlier this year that the 12,536-square-foot, five-level penthouse sold for $180 million in 2018.

A rendering of a bedroom. Prices range from $4.65 million to $83.5 million. ILLUSTRATION: AMA
Aman New York’s penthouse reportedly sold for $180 million in 2018.
 Aman Resorts

The two residences below the penthouse, which were asking $72 million and $73 million, are also both in contract to sell for more than their asking prices, Doronin said.

one-bedroom, one-bathroom Aman residence will cost $5.9 million, while a five-bedroom near the top of the building (not the penthouse) will cost $58.3 million, Bloomberg reported back in 2017.

“There is a limited number of apartments in the building which makes these residences very attractive to a sophisticated client who understands the quality of the product, the generous Aman hotel amenities, the iconic building, and its privileged location,” Doronin told Business Insider.

Residents will have access to all the hotel facilities, which will include a nearly 25,000-square-foot spa that will span three stories and feature a 65-foot indoor swimming pool, sauna and steam rooms, hot and cold plunge pools, and an outdoor terrace with cabana, daybed, and fireplace.

Other amenities will include an Aman member’s club, a subterranean jazz club, a Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, and a cigar bar, all of which are open to the public but designed “especially” for residents, Doronin told Bloomberg.

Aman New York will also be the first Aman with a private members-only club.

There will be three membership tiers, according to Doronin: the Spa Membership, which gives access to the wellness facilities, the Jazz Membership for access to the “unique club’s curated program,” and the most exclusive tier, the Aman Club, which will grant access to two floors of members-only space with two private bars, a cigar terrace, as well as access to the spa and jazz club.

From nature sanctuaries to bustling urban destinations

Aman Resorts have traditionally opened in serene, off-the-beaten-path destinations like a Japanese hilltop surrounded by hot springs and forests or Wyoming’s Teton Mountains; 11 of its properties are in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Now, the luxury chain is making a push into cities.

“When I bought Aman in 2014, the whole goal was to bring Aman into cities – to turn Aman from horizontal to vertical,” Doronin told Bloomberg in 2017.

Aman Tokyo opened in late 2014, and Aman New York will be the next urban Aman to open in late 2020. Then it will be Aman Miami in Miami Beach’s Faena District, which will also come with branded residences and is expected to open sometime in 2023.

For Doronin, there’s no disconnect from Aman’s roots as a wellness destination and opening in a party city like Miami or a bustling metropolis like New York.

“Aman means ‘peace’ so any future Aman destination must be located in an environment that instills peace and tranquility,” he recently told Business Insider.

Aman has managed to do this even in busy cities like Tokyo, Doronin said.

“Since opening Aman Tokyo in 2014, we have seen huge success with this destination and plan to replicate this success in future city hotels,” he said, adding that he wants to continue to open Aman resorts in major cities such as Los Angeles, London, Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

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