10th March 2016

“These proceedings are simply the reckless actions of Mr Omar Amanat, in a desperate attempt to cause distraction following his complete failure in the UK Courts this week to have anything further to do with luxury hotel chain Aman. Mr Amanat is using the description ‘involuntary bankruptcy’ in order to confuse people into thinking that this has something to do with the Aman hotel chain – which it does not. For the record these proceedings in the US Bankruptcy Court relate to a foreign shell company with no assets or liabilities but conveniently named ‘Aman’ Resorts Group Ltd (ARGL) and it will have no impact on the similarly named Aman Hotel business. This company referenced in the petition (Aman Resorts Group Ltd) does not own or control the Aman hotel business and contrary to some media reports, has nothing whatsoever to do with Aman, the highly successful luxury hotel business. These proceedings have no impact on the ownership of Aman. The matters raised in the lawsuit were raised in proceedings in London which, following Mr Doronin’s successful settlement last week, were brought to an end with Mr Doronin in full control of the Aman. It should be noted that none of Mr Amanat, Mr Zecha or Mr Robinson own, control or have any other interest in connection with the Aman hotel business. These actions are driven by Mr Amanat who was described by a US Judge as having ‘wilful, contumacious, bad faith conduct’ and by UK Judges, as having ‘insistent doubts about his personal integrity ‘and ‘as having a judicially established record of dishonesty’. Finally, this is a cynical use of the legal process to mislead people around claims for unsubstantiated fees. Judge Gropper in New York Bankruptcy Court dismissed a similar improper involuntary proceeding involving Mr Amanat just a few years ago. We are confident the results will be the same here.”