23 July 2014
Yahoo! Finance

Vladislav Doronin, the majority shareholder of the Aman Group has reassured his staff that the current legal situation would be over soon. He outlined the dispute in an email to staff and then received a boost when his opponents failed to remove fellow Director, Johan Eliasch from the Aman Group board in an attempt to curtail his board voting rights.

An important verdict for the Aman Group

On Friday 18th July the High Court in London handed down a rebuke to Mr Amanat’s team and sided with Mr Eliasch. It confirmed that Eliasch’s role, ability to vote and attendance at board meetings was in the ‘best interest of the Aman Group’. A spokesman for the Doronin team, who was in court to hear the verdict said, “This is important for the Aman Group. Going forward, we must retain someone of Johan Eliasch’s knowledge, international business experience and standing, playing a role on the board.”

The Aman Group comes first

In an extract from the email Doronin sent to all Aman Group staff, he said, “I am the majority shareholder (65%) of the Aman Group. As you will have read, or heard, there is currently a dispute with another shareholder, Mr Amanat (14%). I am sorry that this has become public.”

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