London, 17th July 2015

Vladislav Doronin, the majority investor and owner of Aman Resorts, has won another victory in the battle over the Aman Group. At the High Court in London on Friday 17th July 2015 Mr Justice Barling rejected Omar Amanat’s application for $US 9 million to be released by the court. Amanat had been ordered to pay the money as part of earlier injunction applications.

This is another blow for Amanat. In his judgement Mr Justice Barling referred to earlier findings that “there were ‘insistent’ doubts about Mr Amanat’s personal integrity in the light of the evidence, including findings by courts of the State of New York that Mr Amanat and others had engaged in a pattern of wilful disregard for court orders amounting to bad faith, and that he was a ‘blatant’ fraudster”.

Mr Doronin said, “I am delighted that once again my claims against Omar Amanat have been vindicated. I look forward to resolving the entire matter at the trial later this year. Meanwhile I will continue to build and protect the Aman Resorts brand”.